Personal computing

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash

I have conflicted feelings about computers. As a boy, I loved nature and playing in the garden more than anything. I thought computers were sinister, inherently bad, maybe even evil. Then, around 1990, my parents bought my brother and I an Amiga 500. At first, I was disappointed. What did I want with a computer when I could climb trees? But my parents made seemingly logical arguments in favour of this plastic devil. I could do my homework on it. It would be something to play with on a rainy day. It was fully upgradeable and would go with us through life, a trusted tool and companion. The marketers made big promises.

Well, we did upgrade the machine, doubling its memory from the original 512k.… Continue reading...

Haiku vol. 2

These haiku were written between the end of last year and the first half of 2020. So they include the first months of the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. The order has been somewhat rearranged from the order in which they were written. I hope they will be of interest to people who like Basho, Ikkyu, and other Buddhist hermit poets.


Through shining roof tiles
the reflection of a bird
flies out of this world.


Stones rise with each wave
like ballerinas en pointe
then fall with a click.


A light grey drizzle,
bright petals in the gutter –
Thursday afternoon.


Dream of a woodland
beside the road, steeped in mist,
trees drowning in mist.


When we meet again
it may be in the haunted
forest of our youth.… Continue reading...