The New Default

Our gadgets come out of the box ready to bombard us with emails, distract with SMS messages, snare us with headlines, and amuse us with status updates. In our technocratic culture, the expectation is that we are always ready to respond. Yet the pace of information grows ever more frantic.

We could create a new default. What if we gave ourselves the time to settle into deep, uninterrupted attention; to cut away the trivial; to stop multitasking; to leave our phones off; to toss our ‘to do’ lists in the bin; to not check our email; to turn the router off; to write on paper again? What then?

Do Nothing Beach

How hard it is to do nothing. Before you know what you’re about, you’ve laid down some jazzy chords and improvised a blues riff over the top. So here’s another track intended for People Are Guitars. I was aiming for something like the smooth, bassy tones of Kenny Burrell with a chiming top end. I wanted it to feel totally laid back, like it’s too hot to move and time is nothing but gentle waves crashing on golden sand, ya dig?

On a squarer note, I’m getting the hang of Ableton Live. It’s really easy to combine programming and expressive parts. I feel like these rapid new methods of production and distribution are revealing art to be a continual process. In the past we waited for a single, definitive release. Maybe things now are becoming like they were before record deals and the printing press: songs and stories evolve over time, becoming something you do rather than an end product.